COLOR -TYPING  all the people in your life.. can 
meaningfully and positively effect the quality of
your daily experiences ..   you WILL communicate 
more effectively with people..  it will reduce stress..
It WILL have people better-understanding why you
do what you do..  you WILL better-understand why
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live in around you..  people will appreciate you and
your contributions to their live..  you can find your 
dream-career .. find your perfect soul-mate (or get 
along with the person you are with) + + + 

.......... typing WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE !

4 Secrets to SOLID Relationships

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What is a Personality Color Type ?

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===========         What is a “personality type”?       ============

1.      Note: Depending on what scholar or expert you subscribe too, there are 4 to 16 independent personality categories that have been identified over the last 2,000+ years. These distinct patterns are easily identifiable and measurable in human beings. For the purposes of this publication, we have simplified all the possibilities into an easy-to-understand format of 4 types. We’ll use four different colors, (gold, green, red and blue), to identify these individual characteristics. The colors were specially selected to help you remember, relate and identify your subject matters.

2.      Personality types are a predictable ever-present set of individual characteristic’s all of us possess… these traits are installed in our soul at birth. We have no control over the original set of characteristics God blended it into our being.

3.      Personality types are a pattern of behavioral traits that are burnt into our constitution… Our dominant characteristics relatively remain constant. But there are always exceptions, and some people can alter their personality type hourly, weekly or slowly over a lifetime. (more on exceptions during our consultations and during our seminars)

4.      Personality typing is the art of identifying an individuals anticipated mannerisms… a persons specific make-up… or special features prone to automatically occur (with predictable frequency) by each human being.

5.      Personality typing is a persons temperament, a persons attributes, one’s nature, their special qualifications, a persons “style”,  or an individuals “kind”. Whatever you call it, it controls the way you behave, live, act and governs almost everything you do and say. 


Now you can see how easy it would be for a person, (who has insider knowledge about your special traits), how they could impress you with how much they know about you… having only met you for a short time. The facts are, you are “predictable”!  Did you ever wonder how a psychic or similar person could know so much about you on the phone or in their store?


After you learn the secrets in this publication, others you interact with may think you had special intuitive powers. Take my word for it, once you’ve answered a few vital questions, I’ll know what I need in order to tell you more about: (who you are, how you live, as well as what you like and dislike)... than you could ever have imagined I would/could know. This acquired skill usually impresses people… they wonder how I could possibly know such personal data about you as I seem to know?  And the truth is, I do know a lot about you just by looking at what you drive, how you dress, whether you wear glasses or not and what color’s you choose or select, etc… etc...


Pure Green’s are: Analytical, Detail-oriented, Logical, Practical, reading type of  Person… A hard working honest person who loves to administer to get things done. A person who would prefer not to drive a Rolls Royce, Mercedes or

Cadillac and feels more comfortable spending their auto dollar on a more practical form of transportation. Don’t be late for an appointment that you make with them, they carry a day-planner and use a computer. They are not afraid to wear glasses in public and do not need to be the center of attention. They are skilled, employed and want you to “get to the point”. Green’s are usually not big huggers and prefer to use a quick hand shake. The green person in you gets you places on time, makes you clean the garage or basement, remembeAAAAAAAArs birthdays, sets goals, made you buy your day-planner, pays your bills, makes you practice birth control, files your taxes and is the “pack-rat” collector in you. The green person is our independent side who can read alone in bed at night for hours. It is the direct person in us who doesn’t “beat around the bush”, but rather seems to be the cold person who can “tell it the way it is”. It’ the realist in us that doesn’t like small talk, but wants to “get to the point”.


Pure Gold’s are: the AAA, Work-aholic, Driver, Controller, Leader or Boss type of personality… A person who must drive a Jaguar, Mercedes or other image-type motor car. A person who feels comfortable at the country club, drinking name-brand beverages, having a relationship with a trophy spouse, and a  person who loves to be the center of attention. They need people to know they are successful in life and not afraid of anything. They plan on surviving. If they were an animal, they would be a tiger, lion, bear, eagle or elephant. They have little patience and want you to “get to the point”. They are not afraid of conflict, love a challenge, and they live, (or want to), in the ritzy part of town. The gold person in us wants to win at everything we engage in life. It’s the side of us that needs to be the center of attention, the boss, the leader. The gold inside us is in control of our ego, our self image and the driving force behind being in control of situations in the world around us. The gold is the “general” in us who is cunning, skillful, tactful, persuasive… as well as being  dominating, forceful and manipulative. The gold in us can defend any position we choose to defend, whether good or evil. It is the best and worst in us, depending on what point of view or side you’re on… i.e. the gold in us can be our “predatory” side, or our “providing” side, depending on whether you are being fed or being eaten. Our gold side is powerful, fearless and anticipates overall success in all that life offers. It’s the person in us who buys elite, name- brand, or luxury items… (i.e. cars, homes, jewelry, people, cloths, etc...).


Pure Blue’s are:  Amiable, Caring, Sensitive, Soft-spoken, Nurturing type of  Personality… They love children, plants, pets and the environment. Money, business and success is not the focus on their lives, they put their importance on friendship,  family and worthwhile “causes”. They volunteer for things they feel an emotional bond too. They love to talk, socialize and interact with others. People owe them money because they’ll give it away freely. They drive an older car because they don’t have a lot of money and they’d never get rid of something they consider their “friend”… they also talk to their plants, pets and  cars. They are passive, warm and open to new ideas or your suggestions. They are good listeners, not afraid to wear glasses and wear comfortable cloths. They  can be gullible and trusting, therefore they get “used” by others and can get hurt. The blue person in us makes us give money to persons in financial trouble… the person in us who wants to save whales and the rain forest… the person in us who honor’s the environment, loves interacting with children and loves animals. The blue person in us shows our emotional side, makes us talk to people for hours, is the person in us others call their friend. Our blue side is the person who can turn the other cheek, give us our spirituality and help us be the best  person we can be. The blue in us chooses assisting people rather than making money. It is the teacher, nurturer and care-taker in us. The blue wants peace and happiness.


Pure Red’s are:  Spontaneous, Gotta-have-fun, Life of the party, Expressive, Outgoing type  personalities… they are risk takers, skinny dippers, and bundgy jumpers. They love sports, entertainment and practical jokes. They drive jet-ski’s, bikes, 4-wheel drives and fast powerful convertible sports cars. They are sexual, they love to win, but they work 9-5 because they’re evenings and weekends are for play-time. They love to play hard, highly competitive and will always bite on a dare. They are comfortable with flashy or exciting color themes. They are very social, out-going, and open to new things. They’re mischievous… The red person in us is the sports-loving, comedy-watching, practical joker who is a risk-taking, spontaneous love-making, sexy dressing, life of the party person people see in us. The red person in us wants to own a brightly colored powerful convertible automobile or 4 wheel drive jeep that tells the world we’re ready to have fun anytime, anyplace, anywhere reds gather. The red in us always wants to smile, laugh and entertain or be entertained. This is the person in us who is driven to be around groups of others and not be alone.


- Now that you’ve read the color descriptions and viewed the chart, understand that every human being is made up of a various combination of all these traits… but, most often, only one or two of the personality styles listed above will dominate your life more than all the othersThese characteristics rarely ever change during your lifetime. And if they do, the changes are usually very slow. Only dramatic intervention, a huge catastrophe, or some significant life-changing event can alter a persons dominant trait within a short period of time. Other people may stubbornly (and ultimately “unsuccessfully”) try to change you… while others will learn to deal with who you really are… or avoid you. God decided that “you” are the only person who will determine if you should change… but this would take a lot of effort on your part. It’s kind of like an otter trying to become a tiger, or a beaver trying to become a dog… a beaver could learn to bark, fetch and guard the house… but this takes effort on the part of the beaver. People generally stay the way they were born for decades. An exception to this rule is: The environment around you can slowly influence and change you into something you never were going to become without this stimulus and constant input. In other words, some fish developed into reptiles… some reptiles developed into birds… and water and wind can mold rock into the grand canyon, but it just takes time and a lot of force.  For more information: [email protected]


                                                  ============ ==============

UNDERSTANDING the COLOR-Chart will outline the “4 color-shades

of personal identification”, these 4-catagories will become the solution to:                    

·        It can be the key to playing the “Relationship Game”… Should I date/marry him/her ? Finally find the RIGHT soul mate for YOU…

·        improve your sex life...and/ or better-understand your spouse more completely than you ever have before ! Reduce: conflicts, stressful challenges… those pressure situations

·         P-typing can become a solution to having a lot  more enjoyment/fun with your kids. They will better-appreciate your parenting… you will better-enjoy spending time with them!

·        You will be able to develop, enhance and maximize the value of your friendships!

·        Color-typing can be the ultimate tool to your succeeding in your business endeavors… make more money, with less stress, and get along with co-workers in just a few weeks !

·        Personality Typing can become a catalyst to attaining True Health… look younger, feel energetic, learn how to prevent disease so you can live a long quality life !

·  A gateway to discovering real happiness, purpose, peace and accomplishment!

· Discover what career path would be best for you so you can design a fulfilling life and  feel like you’re accomplishing all the things you really wanted to do!

· You’ll learn to become a: better communicator, problem solver, peace-maker, and arbitrator virtually overnight !

· Better Self-Diagnose your problem areas and solve many of your challenges… We’ll help you build incredible relationships with your children, neighbors, co-works and everyone you come in contact with… (how do I deal with a person who hates me?)

· Regarding Business; - sales people will learn how to earn higher commissions…

          -  employee’s will learn how to get along with their superiors to advance their careers…

         - employers will learn how to have more FUN at work while still receiving more productivity out of their staff,  while

         - ridding their office environment of most of the inner-office problem situations

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