COLOR -TYPING  all the people in your life.. can 
meaningfully and positively effect the quality of
your daily experiences ..   you WILL communicate 
more effectively with people..  it will reduce stress..
It WILL have people better-understanding why you
do what you do..  you WILL better-understand why
others do what they do .. you will be HAPPIER
because you are better-controling the world you 
live in around you..  people will appreciate you and
your contributions to their live..  you can find your 
dream-career .. find your perfect soul-mate (or get 
along with the person you are with) + + + 

.......... typing WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE !

4 Secrets to SOLID Relationships

relationships, love, friendship, career, job, children, pets, plants, desision-making, healing.. 

David Klaybor is weak at many things in life...  but he has been given a Special GIFT to teach people how to better-Communicate with other's around them using PERSONALITY COLOR TYPING .....  he has been helping folks, JUST LIKE YOU, to better-understand:  why YOU do what YOU do......  and why others in your life all do what they do  -- Let DK install his life-changing  "PERSONALITY Color Typing Strategies" into your world.  Like thousands of others... you will indeed THANK HIM !

 - NOTE:  this is a Beta-Test Site that is being developed to assist YOU ... everything here is FREE, so don't complain, just be smart and USE all THIS MATERIAL to improve/change/modify your life... improve your relationships... improve everything about your living environment.  

- THIS INFORMATION WORKS !  - and this stuff is fun, Fun, FUN to learn and use...  whether your 9 or 90 yrs old ! 

      -    Captain Dave Klaybor    [email protected]     - Copyright  1999-2016



 UNDERSTANDING this Simple Chart: outlining the 4 color-shades

of personal identification, will become the solution to:                                      


·   It can be the key to playing the Relationship Game.. Should I date/marry him/her  Finally find the RIGHT soul mate for YOU

·        improve your sex life...and/ or better-understand your spouse more completely than you ever have before .. Reduce: conflicts, stressful challenges and pressure situations

·   P-typing can become a solution to having a lot  more enjoyment/fun with your kids. They will better-appreciate your parenting.. you will better-enjoy spending time with them!

·   You will be able to develop, enhance and maximize the value of your friendships!

·    Color-typing can be the ultimate tool to your succeeding in your business endeavors.. make more money, with less stress, and get along with co-workers in just a few weeks !

·    Personality Typing can become a catalyst to attaining True Health.. look younger.. feel energetic, learn how to prevent disease so you can live a long quality life !

·    A gateway to discovering real happiness, purpose, peace and accomplishment!

·    Discover what career path would be best for you so you can design a fulfilling life and  feel like you?re accomplishing all the things you really wanted to do!

·  You will learn to become a: better communicator, problem solver, peace-maker, and arbitrator virtually overnight !

·  Better Self-Diagnose your problem areas and solve many of your challenges.. We?ll help you build incredible relationships with your children, neighbors, co-works and everyone you come in contact with? (how do I deal with a person who hates me)

· Regarding Business; - sales people will learn how to earn higher commissions?

         -  employees will learn how to get along with their superiors to advance their careers

         - employers will learn how to have more FUN at work while still receiving more productivity out of their staff,  while

          - ridding their office environment of most of the inner-office problem situations


WOW -  if "Personality Color-Typing" can do a fraction of these bullet-points.. surely you will tell everyone to read this publication, attend a SEMINAR WORKSHOP... tune into an online Webinar Presentation? or read our website  or listen to our CD/tapes as a pre-requisite before reading ANOTHER self-help book !


Copyright 1999- 2016    -  Captain Dave    [email protected]


Note: DK welcomes you to use his intellectual property/materials to reach your personal Goals  Dreams  Aspirations.   Just be sure to acknowledge his work/effort of his copy of his information.. Be sure to INCLUDE his name/bio/contact information in the credits the end of any info.


i.e.  by, Captain Dave Klaybor: Relationship Counseling Arbitration, Problem-Solving - Author-Writer Speaker-Teacher-Trainer Improving Communications as a Mentor/Consultant Sales and Marketing Research/Testing

[email protected]    -    [email protected]    (rarely come here)


we respectfully submit that YOU NEED TO:

- READ THIS BOOK asap... so you can INSTALL it's self-help information into your BRAIN   - you'll be thanking DK if you do  ;-) 

- or you need to Hire David as your RELATIONSHIP COUNSELOR to PERSONALLY Mentor you on this material...

- or you need to get David on a 3-way call with the person in your life you have issues with... and he can help you solve your challenges...

- or you need to get your Sales Team or Company Staff ALL ONLINE to witness an interactive Webinar - it's FREE...

- or you need to HOST a SEMINAR WORKSHOP with David as your Teacher-Trainer ... Explaining and Educating all the attendee's on the power of understanding all the different Color Types........  and how knowing this SIMPLE information could change ALL your Lives.........  increase sales........... increase PRODUCTIVITY........  decrease all the stress and pressure regarding inner-office politic's........  increase the FUN FACTOR in your world !


                                    - what are you waiting for...  send DK an email right now   ;-)



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